An office or any other commercial space serves a function but it can also be a work of art, one that sets apart the establishment from others and communicates the vision driving the business. We have worked on over 300 office and commercial projects around the world, bring our bespoke design capability to a diverse range of businesses.

Commercial Projects

The Elegant Home

A great mix of flexibility, luxury, and efficiency. This home also incorporates many of the popular modern green features such as an open floor plan, proper passive solar design, and a roof deck.

A Modern Townhouse

This stunning two-storey house will leave no one indifferent with the quality of the materials used and its modern architecture with distinct volumes. Home has 4 bedrooms and 3 full baths.

Country-Style House

A modern style house was designed to allow inhabitants live comfortably in well-designed living environment. The connection of interior and exterior spaces gives opportunities for activities.

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